Spiral Wound Gasket Product Range

Spiral Wound Gasket Product Range


3S SWG gaskets are wound with a “V” section profiled metal strip along with a soft filler material. The “V” section metal strip ensures the gasket has excellent compressibility and recovery under various applications. The soft filler material ensures sealability against the flange face, offering optimum performance. 3S SWG can be produced in a wide range of sizes, thickness and material combination to suitthe application.


Style S - SI- is a spiral wound gasket that is fabricated by utilizing the metal wire along with soft non-metallic filler. Suitable for tongue and groove, male and female, or grooved to flat face flange assemblies, also available with pass bars

Style GS-are comprised of the metal wire with designated filler incorporating the use of a solid metal outer ring. The outer guide ring promotes the correct centering of the gasket in a standard flange, offers radial support for the outer portion of the spiral wound, and acts as compression gauge to prevent over compression of the spiral wound.

Style GSI- are same as our Style GS with the only difference being an additional inner ring. Just like the outer ring, the inner ring serves multiple functions including: radial support for the inner portion of the spiral wound, prevents inward buckling and helps to provide uniform gasket stress

Style S, SI, GS, GSI are available with our HTG sealing layers, the inner section of the sealing element is mica, the middle section is APX2 Graphite and the outer section again is mica. The mica inner and outer sealing rings act as an

oxidation shield for the APX2. Enabling this design to operate up to a maximum temperature of 1500 Deg F (815 Deg C).

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