PP light gray For Food Industries

PP light gray For Food Industries

For Food Industries
PP light gray

PP-C Copolymer

Polypropylene exhibits high mechanical and tensile strength, but a low notch impact strength. PP resists stress cracking and it is easy to weld. At minus tem-peratures it can become brittle. The chemical an d electrical properties are very good. The continous operating temperatures ranges between -22 °F and +190 °F.

Properties PP-C Copolymer

  • » Excellent impact strength
  • » High mechanical strength
  • » High tensile strength
  • » Good notched impact strength
  • » Easy to fabricate and weld
  • » Excellent resistance to stress cracking
  • » Very good chemical resistance
  • » Food safe
  • » Excellent dielectric properties
  • » Poor resistance to UV
  • » Low abrasion resistance


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