Hallite 155 for Bore Sealing Applications

Hallite 155 ADDITIONAL PRODUCT Polyester Static Seal for Bore Sealing Applications


The Hallite 155 U-ring static seal designed to seal the joint between the gland and the cylinder bore. The Hallite 155 replaces the conventional O-ring and back-up ring combination. Through its special design and polyester material compound, the seal will work with a maximum extrusion gap of 0.40 mm at 500 bar pressure. Every nominal diameter of the Hallite 155 is suitable for a range of bore diameters, ØD₁. See part number range for details. This seal was developed for water-based, HFA, applications, but can also be used with standard mineral oil fluids.



  • • Replaces an O-ring and back-up combination
  • • Provides reliable high pressure sealing


As standard, this product comes in the following material. Contact your local Hallite technical team if you would like to find out if this profile can be made in a custom material to suit your application. For further material details, please refer to the Hallite Material Table.

Standard TPE 201 TPE Light Grey


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