Hallite 755 Double-Acting Piston Seal

Hallite 755 Double-Acting Piston Seal

The Hallite 755 double-acting piston seal is a compact, low friction seal for light to medium duty applications designed originally to fit North American NFPA groove standards. The Hallite 755 is comprised of a tough, wear-resistant thermoplastic elastomer face seal which is pre-loaded by a square cross-section NBR expander. The face material comes in a number of material options to extend operating conditions. The housing width allows a narrow width piston to be used. We  ecommend that an adequate bearing, such as the Hallite 506 or 87 bearing strip or the Hallite 533 molded bearing, is mounted on one or both sides of the seal. For further details of bearing grooves, please refer to the appropriate product data sheet

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