Hallite 621 ROD SEAL

Hallite 621 ROD SEAL

The Hallite 621 is a top-of-the-range twin lip rod seal designed to provide a dry sealing solution in heavy-duty applications.

The secondary sealing lip located behind the primary sealing lip improves stability of the seal in the gland. The unique profile of the NBR energiser ensures the precision trimmed primary sealing lips maintain contact under low or no pressure situations while ensuring proper sealing at higher pressures. This unique profile is also used in the Hallite 622 twin lip rod seal. The Hallite 621 also incorporates an acetal anti-extrusion ring to withstand side loads and extreme pressure peaks even with the extrusion gaps, which are the result of using remote plastic bearing strips like the Hallite 506 or 708.

The Hallite 621’s seal shell is molded in Hythane® 181, Hallite’s high-performance polyurethane, for easy installation and excellent low temperature performance.

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